1. Market Leader


  • KLH Chemicals markets nationwide a valuable portfolio of BASIC INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS, SPECIALTY CHEMICALS and AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS.

  • We are recognized as a trusted business partner across a wide spectrum of industries via our responsive service, product reliability and safety. We are strongly supported by our principals.

  • Continuous Innovation : the search for effective and practical solutions directly beneficial to the industries we served.

  • Paramount Quality Service : Consistency of Quality and Purity of product with the Ability to Deliver On Time - Every time.
Brand Planning


Brand Planning
Our Technical Centre ("T.C.") is managed by well-trained chemists. The T.C. provides advisory services to customers on how to handle chemicals, safety, method of testing and trouble shooting.

We pool our chemical expertise with those of customer’s own team, often exchanging technology across the market boundaries in pursuit of new solutions.

The chemical expertise know-how of our technical representatives is vital to the correct identification of the need and its solution. The right packaging, the right labeling, in the right place, at the right time.


Always on the move and anxious about challenges, we, as one of the major suppliers of chemicals, provide unceasing support to a large customer base nationwide. We are technologically equipped with the facilities and ERP softwares to meet the demand of our extensive network of all business activities, who are our business partners.

Some of our solutions:
  1. We provide sourcing, shipping, warehousing, blending, repacking, order fulfilment and on-time delivery to our customers.

  2. We have five branches with warehousing facilities to store all types of chemicals and also long-leases shore tank facilities at West Port (Klang) for bulk chemicals. In addition, we have tanks located at our customers’ premises.

  3. We have a fleet of efficient open trucks and outsourced, dedicated tankers to achieve on-time deliveries.

  4. We provide direct deliveries to all major ports in Malaysia and Asia.
Target Groups